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Micro Marketing makes Big Data easy to understand and highly actionable, resulting in extremly targeted campaigns and increased Marketing ROI
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Better ROI

Invest your time and resources where you will get the maximum return on that investment.

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Finding NEW Customers

MicroMarketing is a strategy in which Marketing efforts are focused on a small group of highly targeted consumers.

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4 BIG Questions

New Customers: Who are they? What do they look like? Where can I find them ? What is the best way to reach them ?

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Finding new customers…

Micro Marketing is a strategy in which Marketing efforts are focused on a small group of highly targeted consumers. MicroMarketing provides you with demographics, behavioural insights and media preferences on your existing customers to allow you to really understand their Consumer DNA.
From that Consumer DNA we are able to “twin” your best clients by finding NEW clients who highly resemble your existing clients – with pinpoint accuracy.
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Micro Marketing allows Companies to move away from mass marketing and invest their time and resources where they will get the maximum return. MicroMarketing is useful in any industry, and available in most markets. 

There are endless Marketing Opportunities out there..

Better understand your trading area and your customer – avoid the Marketing Clutter

Contact Us today and learn more about how MicroMarketing can help you.

Decision Making API's

MicroMarketing allows decision makers the information in real time.

Reports are clear and concise

We don't backfill our Analytics - we only show you everything you need to know.

Speed to Market

MicroMarketing is extremely fast - getting you to market on time.

Our Clients

Here are a few of our valued Micro Marketing clients.
  • Works BurgerWorks Burger
  • PepsicoPepsico
  • MowhawkMowhawk
  • BuddsBudds