Micro Marketing | Albert Einstein – Counting
We use your existing Customers' DNA as our road map to clone and identify the highest potential new Customers in your local trading Area providing you with Leads and Marketing Insights.
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Albert Einstein – Counting

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.”

— Albert Einstein – Counting

Interesting quote by Albert Einstein. I use it in relation to an article found with Marketing Magazine where they discuss adding humanity to big data.


Data is just data;  until you can break down the information received and make it relevant for your business or in Micro Marketing’s case, our clients. When we say “adding humanity to data” we mean the data needs to go beyond traditional market researching analysis.  It needs to discuss how they socialize, what they do with their spare time, and what is the best way to connect with them. It needs to  be able to provide you with enough information that you can twin your potential customers with your existing customers.


Big data can play a major role in your brands success. It can provide you with millions of data points that manage every interaction a customer has with your business.


“What are the roadblocks? According to Quint’s research at Columbia, 91% of marketers believe data-driven marketing leads to brand success, but 29% said they have too little data to make it happen. 39% said their data isn’t collected quickly or frequently enough to drive marketing, and 42% said their data was specific enough to individuals they wanted to reach. A little more than half said data collected by the company isn’t shared with them.” Jeff Fraser (2013 August 20) Marketing Magazine


The most shocking statistic in that article is the last sentence, “A little more than half said data collected by the company isn’t shared with them”. This is marketing dollars going to waste with companies not allowing their marketing team to truly understand their customer and be able to pin-point their prospecting efforts.


Check out our Case Studies page to see how Micro Marketing has helped clients build their business with BIG DATA.


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