Micro Marketing | Big Data
We use your existing Customers' DNA as our road map to clone and identify the highest potential new Customers in your local trading Area providing you with Leads and Marketing Insights.
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Big Data

So… What is Big Data?

There are Exabytes of Data available on almost every individual in the world. These data sets are often referred to as “Big Data”. Today, the integration of computer technology into science and daily life has enabled the collection of big data, such as high-throughput biological assay data, large-scale genomic sequencing data, climate data, website transaction logs, and credit card records. Big data is bringing a revolution in science and technology. It also presents challenges to the current statistical and computational theory and methodology.


Big Data can in fact be SO big and SO complex that it would take an army of Analysts a life time just to make sense of it all.… But Big Data can be a business’s best friend. See.. Big Data knows everything.


Big Data knows your customers, and it even knows the customers you haven’t met yet. It knows where they live – what they like – what they DONT like – and more..


It really knows “Who they are”….


MicroMarketing has developed 3 patent pending processes that allow you – the decision maker – real time access to action oriented insights.


MicroMarketing is the ultimate NEW customer prospecting tool.


It just has to start with a question.


What do you want to know?

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Data Records


Demographic Segments


Years in Development


Patents Pending

Better understand your existing customers

An example of Demographic Traits

  • Age 20-34

  • Age 35-49

  • Age 50-64

  • Age 65+

  • Caucasion

  • Asian

  • African American

  • Aboriginal

  • Families with Children

  • Couples no Children

  • Singles

  • Single Parents

  • Students

  • Starting out Singles

  • Financially Challenged Families

  • Young and Stylish


Direct Mail

Percentage of targeted clients that can be reached by Direct Mail

Social Media

Percentage of targeted clients that can be reached via Social Media Advertising


Percentage of targeted clients that can be reached by Phone.

Online Advertising

Percentage of targeted clients that can be reached by Online, Display and CPC

Local Experiential

Percentage of targeted clients that can be reached by Local, in-store and experiential


Percentage of targeted clients that can be reached by Radio

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